The Oasby Music Group

This week is a little trip outside of my living room and into the home of the wonderful and incredibly, incredibly cute and dedicated children of the Oasby Music Group. Their founder and teacher is Laura Gardiner, whom I work and communicate with on a daily (sometimes hourly, often minutely basis) on all matters relating to education. She and I attended school and Suzuki class together in Ayrshire, and it is my pleasure and honour to work with such a brilliant, dedicated and relentless advocate for music and for teaching.

Oasby Music Group started in 2013 with just 7 beginner young musicians aged 5-8. They now have 13 ensembles aged 4-18, and a wonderful team of tutors who the young musicians work with regularly. The older players help mentor the younger ones, and the camaraderie yet discipline is nothing short of inspiring.

There are now 74 children in the core of OMG, and many others regularly join for courses and holiday activities.

OMG, though based in Lincolnshire, teaches children from 7 counties, the furthest away travelling for nearly 2 hours to be a part of OMG. 70% of the children come from state schools and the group has representatives from 42 different schools.

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